Timing and Attitude

From Kate Wilde:

Timing and attitude, attitude and timing, timing and attitude, attitude and timing. This is the heart of The Son-Rise Program.  

An attitude of loving each moment, every moment you are with your child. Timing – looking to see where you child is at any given moment to decide which Son-Rise Program technique to use.

An attitude of pure acceptance, of everything your child does or does not do. Timing – trusting your child to tell you when it is time to join them in their ism, or request for them to socially interact with you.

An attitude of sincere delight and excitement in who your child is today. Timing – being profoundly flexible in observing your child’s cues and letting that be the deciding factor on what Son-Rise Program technique you use.

Timing and Attitude – the heart beat of The Son-Rise Program.

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