Trusting The Universe

From Kim: So you’re out there and things just aren’t going your way… i.e. the way you want them to go… Maybe you have your heart set on one particular thing… something you are wanting with the entirety of your being; maybe this is something you think you are doing everything in your power to achieve… and the kicker is (drum roll)… at the moment you are not getting it.

What can we do when this happens? Well first lets start by being open to the situation we are in… lets love itaccept itwelcome it with open arms… and to go one step further lets cheer ourselves on for the awareness and the acceptance we have for this certain thing!

If we TRUST the universe, and I mean really TRUST that the universe is handing us a big bright shiny gift — then we can see our “not going the way we want” situation from a different perspective– with a new set of eyes… eyes that are ready and open to seeing the lesson for ourselves, the lesson that will help us grow into something even greater. Thank you UNIVERSE for creating such a perfect gift!

Maybe the gift takes the form of a lesson in patience, or in being more assertive, or being more aware, a lesson in moving more slowly, taking a break for ourselves, thinking outside the box we’ve put ourselves in, a lesson in celebrating ourselves more, or appreciating more deeply.

What does your ‘bright shiny gift” hold inside?

Sweet thoughts,

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  1. Autumn Manzo, mom of Liam, 3, ASD says:

    Love it, Kim! The gift is here, whether we want something else too, if we can embrace what is here and now, and see it with grateful eyes, we win every time. Love to you!!!

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