Using Your Voice and Body in the Playroom

FROM BECKY: Today I would love to inspire you to vary the way you use your voice and body in The Son-Rise Program playroom with your child with autism.

We can often get repetitious and a little bit stale when working with our children. We are trying to help them to step outside of their comfort zones and be more flexible and open to new things. By taking a look at ourselves and stretching ourselves outside of our own comfort zones we will inspire them to do this.

Here are some things you can try that will prepare you to be more interesting and creative in these areas when playing with your child. You could try these things when you are doing chores around the house, when you are driving to the store, or as you are getting dressed in the morning.

1) Take a deep breath and open your mouth wide. Sing the lowest note that you can find within your vocal ability. Gradually sing the note higher and higher until you get to the highest note that you are able ti sing. Then do the opposite, start from the highest note and continuously sing down to the lowest. Do it several times in a row. It’s amazing how high and low you will find yourself going. it also feels really good and gets you energized.

2) Pretend to be an animal. Get dressed in the morning like a cat, try doing the laundry like a snake or a tiger. Have fun using each movement that you think that animal would use.

3) Say your favorite nusery rhyme or a tongue twister in the softest voice that you can, repeat it in the deepest voice that you can, then the squeakiest, then in a whisper.

4) Brush up on your accents and character voices. Try saying a line to your favorite movie in a British accent, in a Texan accent, in Popeye’s accent, in Goofy or Mickey Mouses accent. Choose any accent you can think of.

5) Dance Dance Dance! Do a little dance as you do the dishes, try the slinkiest dance you can, the most energetic dance that you can and the slowest dance that you can.

The more versatile you can be, the more variety you will offer your child. This will make you more dynamic and help you unlock more energy, excitement and enthusiasm.

Have so much fun!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My favaret song this week and will be for the next few week is the grand old duke of york. Violet starts me off with a marching action, and I'm off arms swinging and knees high and of cours singing the song. as soon as I start Violet looks right at me with a big smile and follows me around the room with her eyes and smiles and when I stop she promts me with a "GO" and sometimes with the next word in the song…how amazing is that. I'm also inviting her to join me in the march, she has taken my hand and 1 or 2 steps with me but for now she seams to want to watch me be as silly as I can and get other toys to join me, some of them don't alwas want to join me ether but hay at least I'm having fun and I have a great audiance. Love and Laughter Simon *o*

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