What Does it Mean to Have a Good Playroom Session?

FROM BECKY: Just a quick thought! There is no such thing as a good or a bad Son-Rise Program playroom session with your child with autism!

A session spent crying around the playroom door creates an opportunity for your child to learn!

A session with your child asking for something they want again and again is useful for your child!

A completely exclusive session where all I do is join my child will help me deepen my attitude!

If my child spends the whole session trying to test boundaries (e.g. trying to stick his/her hand down the toilet or drawing on the walls) that will be a productive session!

Going with wherever your child’s energy and focus is will help your child EVERY TIME! Create a YES, THANK YOU! experience inside yourself each time your child decides to do something that in the past you have seen as an unproductive session as there is no such thing!

It’s ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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