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FROM WILLIAM:Recently I have been speaking with parents who want to know more about the Son-Rise Program and the foundation training course – The Start-Up Program. I have spoken with parents in Japan, England, Romania, Florida, Germany, New York city, etc. – I have travelled the world in my conversations of helping and guiding parents on their first steps to starting their Son-Rise Program with their child.

Each parent has their story, their special challenge (a single mother with 4 children under the age of 9, a mother and father running a school and unable to get away for a week, a mother requiring a visa to get into the USA, a mother dealing with her husband who is in denial about their child’s diagnosis, etc.) to why they cannot attend the Start-Up program.

What is inspiring is that for each of them they strive to work it out, to find a way to come and get training. It is beautiful to see each of them open up and realise that it is possible and that the biggest obstacle is their own thoughts and beliefs of what they can and cannot create.

For many of you who read this blog I am sure you can relate, especially if you have already attended the Start-Up program. As for these parents now taking their first steps down the path of helping their child by using the Son-Rise Program they are becoming role models to their child. To do something different, something that would not have been considered before.

Everyday that a parent steps into their Son-Rise Program playroom or enjoys their child even more than they did yesterday, they are being a role model for their child – showing them that they too can grow themselves bigger than they were the day before.

Love and smiles


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  1. Hotaskim says:

    Nice work. yours and ours, parents who were at Son Rise Programm in Troia….

    Maria Fernandes
    Portugal Penafiel

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