An Introduction to the Dialogue!

FROM BECKY: When I was volunteering in my first Son-Rise Program 12 years ago with a little boy called Robert, I would get weekly feedback about my playroom sessions from his Mom. During these feedback’s, she would use a simple tool to help me be clearer and stronger in the playroom. She would ask me certain questions in a really loving and non-judgmental way that helped me explore my discomforts and uncover different beliefs I had in the playroom and in my life that were limiting my effectiveness in the playroom with Robert. Here are some of the early limiting beliefs that I discovered I had from her beautiful questions:

1) I need this child to like me!
2) When Robert is in his own world, it’s because I’m not fun enough, exciting enough or not doing the right thing.
3) I am afraid of people (specifically the Mom) judging me!
4) I’m not good enough!
5) What other people think is more important than what I think!

All of these beliefs were holding me back from being bigger, brighter and making useful decisions in the playroom. Once I uncovered these beliefs, I was able to explore why I held them and whether or not I wanted to change them or keep them. This tool utterly TRANSFORMED MY LIFE!

One of the books that helped me understand more about the dialogue was a book by Barry Neil Kaufman called “GIANT STEPS” It’s a book of short stories about how the dialogue has greatly helped different people in their lives to overcome their challenges.

Once I had read this book, I was ready to jump in even more to The Son-Rise Program because I could see how helpful it was.

If you are a parent of a child with autism, I highly recommend that you read this book and then have your volunteers read it too. There are also more books by Barry Neil Kaufman that you can read to familiarize yourself even more with the whole process:
Happiness is a Choice
To Love is to be Happy With
Power Dialogues

Have fun learning,

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