From Brandi: Joining David’s World

He straightened the edges of her wings
Crossing two pieces of paper as he sings
And in just a single moment he brings
life to that paper bird

Flying her with grace
Ruby red wings reflecting upon his face
Arms rising and falling in his sacred place
Can you imagine?

His need for nothing more
He the ocean and this bird his shore
A magician spreading magic as he dips and runs then soars
Small hands waving me in behind the cracks of his opened door

I straighten the edges of my wings
I cross two pieces of paper together and hum as he sings
And in just a single moment we bring
life to our paper birds

Flying them with grace
Their ruby red colors reflecting upon our face
Our arms rising and falling within our sacred space
Can you imagine?

Our need for nothing more
Two magician’s flying birds behind his opened door
Dipping, rising and falling as we lift our wings and soar
We the ocean, imagination our shore

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