A Beautiful Autism One Conference Experience

Two weeks ago I had the AMAZING and HUMBLING experience of caring for and playing with a group of children who are on the Autism spectrum. Below, I have written a poem about a little girl who spent her first forty five minutes curled up in my arms in the bathroom crying. I was blown away by the beautiful ability that she had to take care of herself. Whether it was resting her head underneath my arm for squeezes, or pressing my hands against her ears. She knew how to lead the way and I was more than happy to follow. When her Mother picked her up, I was told that this little girl usually spent the majority of her day crying with her caretaker. I was moved to tears when I thought of my sweet little friend crying for forty five minutes and then smiling and giggling for the remaining six hours. LOVE and ACCEPT without JUDGEMENT and watch the world change around you!

The Calm of Love

She slightly turned her head and dipped her right shoulder downwards
as she buried her face within the darkness beneath my arm

No harm to be found inside of the subtle movement of her tears
No sound too profound as I blocked its entry from her ears

No light shone too bright as her eyes closed like crashing waves
No moment unfamiliar as she inhaled the explanations that I gave

And her cry it rose and fell like a bow from the rushing wind
And between her sighs my lullaby whispered that she had a friend

And I am in awe of exactly how this soul she chose to smile
And move towards a room of strangers and away from that bathroom tile

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