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FROM BECKY: This is the last in my series of blogs for inspiring your child to eat new foods. My last two blogs have been about how to introduce new foods to your child, this one is focused more on the technical side of implementing a new diet.

When running a Son-Rise Program, it can be very beneficial for your child with autism to also follow a Bio-Medical protocol. We recommend you find a DAN Doctor in your area who can set you up with a protocol that matches your child and their particular Bio-Chemistry. Once you are ready to change your child’s diet for good (or at least until they can tolerate some old foods again), here are three more things to do to get behind this new way of being.

1) Out with the old and in with the new!
The only true way to help your child change what they eat for good is to get rid of all of the foods that they are not able to have and fill your refrigerator and cupboards with yummy new foods. I have heard this sentence from parents countless times”But my child won’t eat any of the new foods!” and then later in the day, they are being given one of their old favorite foods because they didn’t eat all morning. If you have members of the household that are not following the new eating plan then only have them eat those foods when your child is in the playroom or not around and lock the stash of illegal foods away in a cupboard out of reach and sight of your special child. Keep it locked at all times and hide the key really well because our children are extremely smart and they will know the food is in there! You can also put a padlock on the refrigerator door for children who tend to help themselves.

2) “I can stand to not eat, longer than you can stand to watch me not eat!”
Often our children have us wrapped around their little fingers and they know our weaknesses and how long we can stand them doing something before we give them what they want. How incredibly smart and sophisticated for our children to do the best they can to get what they want. If you can only stand to watch them not eat for a day then they will hold out a whole day. If it’s two days, they’ll make it through two. They will eat when they are hungry….as long as nothing else is on offer.

3) This is an act of love!
Think about what you are doing for your child. You are healing them socially as you do The Son-Rise Pogram with them, you are also healing them inside as you help them eat new foods. Think about it not as though you are taking something they love away from them but that you are giving them something that’s useful, helpful, healing and nutritious for them. Coming from that perspective, you are much more likely to begin and stick to the new way of being.

4) It’s ok if they whine, cry, tantrum, ask for the food again and again.
This is part and parcel of this new boundary you are setting, just because they want it doesn’t mean it’s good for them. You having a sense of calm and ease as they try and get what they want will help you stick to your guns. It will also help them to know that crying doesn’t get you want you want and this is indeed a valuable lesson in life.

Please let me know if you have any questions about trying new foods.

Love Becky

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  1. the way I consider the whole issue of diet and the challenge faced by difficult kids is very similar to drug addiction. The children are "holding out" for something that they want, that they "crave" and just like illegal drugs, it's harmful for them. So, my question is, if your child misbehaves unless you give them a "fix" (of whatever, pick your poison as the saying goes) than that would most definitely be consider addicting and by providing it to them not only is it "enabling" but it's just plain wrong (and in the case of illegal drugs, it's .. well, illegal 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Becky, I went to Start Up in June and I started the program a few days ago. I am afraid to take the food from my son, he is soooo selective. Give some advice please. Thanks.

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