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Hello Everyone,

The Autism Treatment Center of America brings you some more creative game ideas that you can take into your Son-Rise Program playrooms and inspire your children to:

Want to look at you
Want to talk to you
Want to engage and play with you.

Just click on the video below.

3 Responses

  1. Thank You! my son seems to be much more interested in playing with my face that with toys! so his favuourite game is to press my nose as if it were the a button, and so I star speaking in funny voices, and the he presses again and again and I switch voices everytime. 'll try your suggestions and tell you about it!
    greetings from Argentina!

  2. SHALINI says:

    need game ideas for older kids. my daughter now 13 does not want to sing, dance, read or do silly slap stick or any thing loud……everything is no….

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