This is Giulia- isn’t she lovely!!!

Giulia is another gentle soul with Autism I met on on my travels in Argentina. I was lucky enough to do A Son-Rise Program Outreach with her and her Mom Xexa.

Not only does Xexa run a full time Son-Rise Program for her daughter which is bursting at the seems with the 3E’s, but she also works late into the night to help other families who have autistic children know about The Son-Rise Program through the CEUPA organization. Thank you Xexa for your dedication in spreading the good news of The Son-Rise Program.

Giulia is a snuggle bug!! She will give so many cuddles and kisses, and she likes to bury her head into your chest, or lean on you any chance that she gets. She is an expert jumper, and loves to chew and shake things as she looks at herself in the mirror, as well as being an avid reader of books. She is a great listener, often looking deeply into your eyes as you celebrate her or explain how to say a word. She is just a delight to play with!

Her team of passionate volunteers were so excellent in the Son-Rise Program techniques of joining and celebrating Giulia that she is beginning to interact and connect with her team of volunteers more and more. One major way she is showing her team that she is ready to play is by physically connecting with them through hugs, leaning on their shoulders etc. During the outreach we talked about using this physical contact as a green light, a time when they can initiate games and activities with Giulia to help her lengthen her interactive attention span.

If your child loves to hug you, one thing you can do is to put little toys in your pocket, such as a harmonica or a folded piece of paper and a crayon, so when you child goes to hug you, you can offer them a game of coloring, or start playing some music.

Sending much love to you Giulia, and Xexa and to each of your wonderfully passionate and dedicated team.
Go Team Giulia

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much, Kate, for such lovely words!!! We have been applying the physical contact as a green light strategy and it is working perfectly!! Her interactive attention span is increasing already!!! I loved the toys in your pocket idea!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!! Love you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Xexa, I didn't know you were doing that! I think it's amazing. Giulia is so lucky to have a mom like you, who is able to do so much for her.

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