Watch This Video! You Will Love It!!!

From Brandi: I have been thinking about the nature of possibilities lately and how it relates to Autism and my own life. The video above speaks in volumes about what we can achieve in this world. This beautiful group of band members have created steps of inspirational expression where a straight road of limitations could have easily been paved. When the camera zoomed into their smiling faces I was blown away by what each of them have achieved for themselves! Loving expression and possibilities truly have no limits. We are the one’s who decide what our limitations are. Can you imagine if we truly believed that we are capable of anything. ANYTHING!! When you look in your children’s eyes today remember what is possible. Remember the power of change that we each have access to. Remember that who they are is perfect. Remember that the sky is not the limit and that you can reach as high as you choose. Have fun today!!

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  1. Aisha Hammad says:

    Hi I am looking for some guidance. My son copies some gross motor actions not all and I have been trying for him to copy more actions but to no avail. He says some words but he understands everything . He likes rhymes and sometimes he copies the actions but if it is not rhymes he will not copy the actions. Any advice will be great.

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