30 minutes a day…
Running a Lifestyle Son-Rise Program®

For many families the Lifestyle Son-Rise Program is a great starting place. Below is an overview of the 3 levels for running a Son-Rise Program with your child.

  1. Lifestyle
    Time: 30 minutes a day
    Facilitation: One-on-one
    Location: Quiet room or part of the your home
    Social Curriculum: Focus on Eye Contact, Language, Interactive Attention Span and Flexibility
  2. Part-Time
    Time: 10-30 hrs a week
    Facilitation: One-on-one
    Location: Dedicated SRP play / focus room within your home
    Social Curriculum: Optional (Recommended for more than 20hrs a week)
  3. Full-Time
    Time: More than 30 hrs a week
    Facilitation: One-on-one
    Location: Dedicated SRP play / focus room within your home
    Social Curriculum: Volunteers or paid individuals trained weekly by you.

Some parents, when first learning about The Son-Rise Program, have the misconception that they have to do the program full-time, 30+ hours, to make a difference with their child. Some parents are discouraged by this misconception and never try any of the simple techniques or never pursue the program further. In actuality, you’re starting a Son-Rise Program if after reading a book, or watching a DVD or webinar you start to look at your child differently… with more understanding and a more accepting attitude.

I have talked to many parents who have told me that by simply reading the book Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues (by Barry Neil Kaufman), they changed how they look and act with their child, making a marked difference for the better.

For those of you who have read or have watched material on The Son-Rise Program and want to take the next step in helping your child, running a Lifestyle Son-Rise Program would be the easiest and most straight forward next step. Very little is required other than setting aside 30 minutes a day to work with your child one-on-one in a quiet room of the house. You can use a bedroom or the living room, when no one else is using it. If your child is older and prefers to stay in the room they are in, then simply work with them for 30 minutes exactly where they want to be. During the first couple of weeks, focus on joining your child’s repetitious behavior as well as celebrating them when they interact with you (make eye contact, verbally communicate or physically interact). A great video to watch that will profoundly help you in running your Lifestyle Son-Rise Program is Autism Solutions: Getting Started with The Son-Rise Program which is available on the home page of www.AutismTreatment.org. This short video is also very useful for families running part or full time programs.

The key to running a Lifestyle Son-Rise Program is consistently working with your child for 30 minutes a day and prioritizing having fun and enjoying them exactly as they are.

Have the best time starting your program.

Love and smiles,

William Hogan
Executive Director of Programs

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