Yes Raun Kaufman will be lecturing about The Son-Rise Program in Madrid/Spain and Lisbon & Porto/Portugal in June. Please Share with your European friends. Register for the free lectures (in English with Spanish and Portuguese translations available) at www.VencerAutismo.org/who is sponsoring the five lectures.
Madrid – Teatro Auditorio de la Casa de Campo
Saturday 16 June 11:00AM & 4:00PM

Lisbon – Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Sunday 17 June 3:00 PM
Monday 18 de June 7:30PM

Porto – Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto at the  Hospital de S. João
Tuesday 19 de June 7:30PM
Wednesday 20 de June 7:30PM

October 31-November 4 — Son-Rise Program Start-Up in Troia,  Portugal
Thanks to the sponsorship of Vencer Autismo and the super success of last October’s program in Portugal, The Son-Rise Program Senior Teachers will be returning to lovely and sunny Troia  to present The Son-Rise Program Start-Up. We again expect parents, volunteers and professionals not only from Portugal and Spain but also many from the UK, and the European Community. This 5-day program is taught in English with simultaneous translations available. Please visit www.VencerAutismo.org/ for more information or to register for the program.
Reflections on The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers May 2012
Again with the incredible work and support of Vencer Autismo we were able to go to Portugal to help many many international families as they continue their Son-Rise Program  journeys. Here’s a quick snap shot of our amazing week of The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers.
Who attended?
75 Mothers, Fathers, Therapists, volunteers, teachers
From 9 countries  – Portugal, Spain, UK, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Angola, China
Who are their children?
Young children to young adults.
Child/Adults with diagnosis such as Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, GDD, Hyperactivity Disorder…
What changes have parents seen in their children in the first 6 months of their Son-Rise Programs?
§  More eye contact
§  From speaking only 6 words to 100’s of words
§  Now expressing “wants”  and “not wants
§  Increased interaction
§  Interest in other people
§  No more tantrums
§  Reduction in aggressive behavior
§  More verbally spontaneous
§  One particular child threw objects and would break glass windows – he no longer does this  
§  They are happier
What did they learn?
The parents were excited to learn how to take their child’s Son-Rise Programand developmental progress further. The week was amazing…filled with presentations,  video’s, discusses,  etc., including:
·        being more creative
·        how to build more interactive games
·        how to have a social curriculum
·        how to set clear goals
The most amazing part of The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers week was watching the families become re-inspired and energized; seeing them work on what they think and feel so that they can be super accepting of their child’s challenges as well as super passionate and excited about helping them more using The Son-Rise Program. 

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