Did you know that it is up to you to choose your beliefs? Please read on to reveal that YOU can choose how you view every situation in your life.

Common knee-jerk reaction to situations:
“This is bad for me, and/or I can’t handle it.” The Option Process®alternative: “This is good for me and/or I can and will handle it.”

Different belief filters through which to view a situation:

  • The first belief filter brings on stress and discomfort (and, with them, decreased immune system function).
  • The alternative belief produces comfort, even excitement (healthy immune function).

Unhappiness = discomfort/disease. Happiness = possibilities for greater health/healing. AND THE KICKER IS: WE CHOOSE OUR BELIEFS, which determine whether we will be happy or unhappy. What freedom! What possibilities!

Try this: pause after your next pessimistic knee-jerk reaction and do an optimistic REPLACEMENT BELIEF. You can do it. We have taught thousands and thousands of folks HOW to do it. Nothing to risk, nothing to lose. Go ahead, flip some beliefs and let me know what you did! 

Love and Smiles, 
Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman

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