At the Autism Treatment Center of America™ we have helped thousands of parents and volunteers help their children on the Autism Spectrum. Please read on to reveal that with eyes of acceptance we can embrace our children.

In working with our heroes recently (moms and dads blessed with children with Autism) at the Autism Treatment Center of America, I introduced the perspective of creating Son-Rise Program® Eyes: not only seeing our children through the eyes of acceptance and inclusion, but practicing having those eyes in the lunchroom, in a supermarket or when visiting our families.

Practice beholding all people with the same regard with which we embrace our children in our Son-Rise Program playrooms.


Barry (Bears) Neil KaufmanCo-Founder of the Option Institute™ & Autism Treatment Center of America™, Home of The Son-Rise Program®, Author: Happiness Is A Choice, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and No Regrets. 

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