Once Shy … Now a Rock Star!

Dear Sweet People,

Please read on to enjoy one Son-Rise Program® mom’s journey with her son, Kaleb.

“Thanks to being ‘happy and loving’ and the Lord bringing many amazing people to enjoy the journey, our once ‘very shy’ and removed 5-year-old son is now a 13-year-old rock star … mainstream private school, A/B honor roll, lots of friends and invited to multiple slumber parties. He was one of two 7th graders to make the high school varsity baseball team this fall. His teacher last year told us that he was THE MOST POPULAR 6TH GRADE BOY … ‘Everyone LOVES Kaleb!’. Nothing but tears of joy!! Thank you for The Son-Rise Program Start-Upexperience seven and a half years ago … WE ARE FOREVER CHANGED!

To the rest of you in the middle of your Son-Rise Program, keep pressing on with love and acceptance!”

Parent: Audra C., Arkansas
Child: Kaleb
Diagnosis: PDD-NOS
Age: 13

With Love, 

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