Signs of mental decline or mental incline?

Dear Sweet People, 

How often do you ask yourself how you are doing or how you are feeling … right at this moment?

One key sign of mental decline is asking the same question or same kinds of questions repeatedly. I laughed when I noticed that criteria topped the list identifying mental decline. How often have I asked people in the past 30 plus years … “How are you feeling?” or “Why are you unhappy about that?” or “Why do you believe that?”

I always considered such devoted curiosity and fascination were signs of mental incline!!!

So … here are some mental incline questions:

“What am I thinking right now?”
“What am I feeling right now?”
“What am I doing right now … and why?

Ask away … more than several times a day … these questions allow us to take a moment to pause and observe ourselves from the inside and outside … these questions allow us to educate ourselves about ourselves … and ultimately provide self-knowledge which leads to self-change.

Ah … it’s all a matter of perspective or “make believe” or make up a belief about the meaning of who we are and what we do.

Enjoy your mental incline.


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