Step 1: Believe
The very first answer to the question, “How do I get volunteers to support my Son-Rise Program?” (drum roll please) is to BELIEVE YOU CAN GET VOLUNTEERS.  Maybe you have heard yourself say such statements as:
  • People don’t want to volunteer in today’s  economy ” 
  • No one in our country volunteers, I think it is something only accepted in other countries
  • It is probably easy for people to get volunteers if they have a young child but not so much with my adult child
  • My child’s behaviors are too intense for other people
  • I think people won’t take me seriously because I am not an expert on autism, so why bother getting volunteers
  • No one does anything for free ” 
Your beliefs determine your feelings and actions. If you do not believe you can get them then you will not take action to reach out.
Here are some supportive beliefs to get you started:
  • “I have countless number of people to choose from. As a matter of fact, there are millions of people of all ages, and as close as my neighbors, wanting to help children.”
  • “People want a way to express their compassion, because it supports their good feeling and self worth.  My program is a perfect vessel for the expression of a person’s desire to help and to grow their own happiness.”
  • “Believing is receiving.”
Are you bit skeptical? See below the fun statistics I found with little bit of research.
The Federal Agency for Service and Volunteering released a report with the following findings:
Of the 64 million people who volunteered, 30% (over 19 million) of them volunteered mentoring a child.
For those of you who do not live in the United States, the volunteerism movement does not stop at our borders. A simple search leads to several not for profit organizations who have websites to support connecting people. We searched Nigeria, Brazil, Slovenia, Australia, Kenya, Iraq, etc. Regardless of the country, there were several organizations whose mission is to support people reaching people who are in need. Volunteerism is a worldwide phenomenon!
Step 2: Understand The Reasons Why Volunteers are Important For Your Son-Rise Program
Whether you are running a part time or full time Son-Rise Program, volunteers are key to supporting your child with a variety of relationships. The more your child is exposed to a variety of people …
  • the more they are loved
  • the more flexible they can become
  • the creative energy your child is exposed to expands their interactive experience
  • the more you prepare them for the outside world full many different kinds of people
Having a team support your child allows you to take care of yourself.  Taking opportunities to care for yourself will allow you to be the best for your program, your family, and your relationships.  The time your volunteers are in the room is time for you to simply take a break, deal with other fun responsibilities, have quality time with your other children and spouse, etc.
Another incentive to recruiting your own volunteers is that you can monitor and coach volunteers who work with your child to hold a non-judgmental and loving attitude, and you can guide them on what techniques to use to maximize your child’s social development and be their FUN FRIEND COACH. When you send your child to school or a day program, they are exposed to dozens of people that you have no hand in selecting or guiding, nor do you have any indication of what their attitude is. Remember, you want to be a beacon of great relationships for your child… if they are exposed to many people who are not prioritizing this attitude, it can impact your child’s desire to be with people.
The more time your child has to work out in their social gym with their loving Son-Rise Program Friend Coach, the more they get to really work those beautiful neuro-pathways. In addition, the more your child experiences people as being joyful and loving, the more they learn that relationships are easy and fun.
Step 3: Take Action
There are many ways to recruit volunteers.  Here are some ideas to get you started. Remember the key is to believe you will find volunteers.  If you believe you will find them, your actions will be powered by this goal.
  • Post Flyers which include a photo of you and your child playing. State in your own words that you are looking for someone who wants to play and help your child grow, no previous experience needed because you will train them.  Make sure to have the Autism Treatment Center of America® website listed.
  • Get an interview with your local radio, television, and newspaper. Tell them you want them to do a feel-good piece on your Son-Rise Program and make certain to mention you are looking for volunteers.
  • Contact local colleges and ask if they give credits to their students for volunteering. Regardless if they offer credit or not, ask if you can make a presentation and post flyers in various departments.
  • If you are computer savvy, create a simple web site or page that gives people who are interested a visual experience of your child. Post fun pictures of your child playing with another person, and videos and testimonials on your program.  In this powerful digital age, many parents create amazing sites for their child’s program. You can search them on the web to get an idea.


Have fun sharing your journey with others! By, Susan Humphries

CONNECT WITH EVERYONE: Contact everyone you can think of: friends, family, and neighbors. Tell them you are on an exciting journey to love and guide your child using The Son-Rise Program®.  Brainstorm with them ways to reach people. WORD OF MOUTH is very POWERFUL.

BE PREPARED: Make sure you are ready to receive and share information and to follow through with your search for volunteers.  If people say they are interested, give them your contact information and get theirs. One parent created a business card with a picture of her child playing, her email address, and the Autism Treatment Center of America® website You can find affordable custom business cards online. Give them to your family and friends to pass out.

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