Trends for 2014

Bryn N. Hogan
Executive Director of Autism Treatment Center of America®

This year, there are exciting Son-Rise Program trends! Here’s what’s ‘in’ for 2014:

  • The Color Red!
    Use the color red to brighten your playroom and bring a flash of fun to your next activity. If you’re working on eating with utensils, try red forks, red plates, and red cups! If you’re focusing on language skills, cut out words in big red letters. If your goal is turn taking, throw on a big red hat whenever it’s your turn. Just this little splash of color can make something old brand new!
  • Indirect Requesting:
    We can request by bringing great energy to our face, our body and our voice. Shake up your typical go-to request mode with indirect requesting. In The Son-Rise Program variation is vital, so try requesting in a different way. Ask your child, in a simple, off-hand way, to say a word or sentence. Suggest a new activity in your every day voice for a change. For physical participation, ask your child to hand something to you, as you would when at the dinner table, reaching for a plate. Use this indirect method to switch-up the way you invite your child to grow and keep your playroom experience fresh.
  • Men, Put on a Pink Hat:
    “Real men aren’t afraid to”… bring a splash of color and playfulness to their child’s playroom! Do something unexpected by wearing a dress, an orange scarf or a big, floppy, yellow hat from the dress up box. By coming to your Son-Rise Program Playroom session with a new flare and presenting yourself in a surprising way, you will excite your child, and invite them to take a second (or third!) look. Ladies, feel free to join in the trend by painting a mustache on your face the next time you go into the room … Mixing
  • Eye Contact Face Jewelry
    In 2014, the eyes have it! We always want our children to look at us as much as possible, so let’s bring even more attention to our eyes by dressing them up too. Most pharmacies (and certainly online) have ‘eye jewelry’ that can be easily affixed to your skin. These fun, playful jewels help our child more easily focus their attention directly to our eyes, connecting with us more fully.
Anybody, who’s anybody – and the hippest, most trendy Son-Rise Program parents will be…

  • Planning to come back to the Autism Treatment Center of America! As you look at your calendar this year, be sure to include more training and guidance in your plans.   So many of you have become family to us.  The times that we have shared here together have been filled with sweetness, laughter, and deep sharing.  We would love to give you new ideas, and offer additional support so you feel empowered and strong in your program.  Although it always feels as if we’re holding hands with you across the miles, we invite you to return to your home away from home sometime soon. 

Wishing you so much joy in this New Year,


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