It’s Summer! Fun summer activities to bring into your Son-Rise Program Playroom

Have fun bringing the beauty of summer into your Son-Rise Program Playroom at home!

Bring the beach to your child:

  • Have fun gathering lots of various beach items: a beach ball, plastic buckets and shovels, beach chairs, an umbrella, some shells, beach towels, sunglasses, a boogie board, hats, and … anything else you enjoy bringing to the beach with you!
  • Set up your playroom the night before (while your child is not in the playroom) to make it look just like the beach. Then when your child walks into the room the next morning exclaim, “Wow! We get to have a day at the beach!”
  • Then spend the day playing with your new playroom items:
    • Throw the beach ball back and forth over a line of tape on the floor for a fun game of volleyball!
    • Use the buckets and shovels to create a pretend sandcastle. Use the beach chairs and umbrella as a fun reading nook in your playroom, or turn the umbrella upside down and spin it for your child as they watch you entertain them.
    • Try hiding the sea shells around the room and going on a scavenger hunt to find them. Place the beach towel on the ground and offer to give your child beach towel rides.
    • Pop the lenses out of a pair of sunglasses (so your child can see your eyes) and put them on your face as a tool to help your child look into your eyes- you can even put stickers of your child’s favorite animal all over the glasses and when you put the glasses on, you become that animal!
    • If your child has Higher Functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome then they might really love hearing some fun facts about the ocean or beach.
    • You could bring in pictures of yourself at the beach and encourage your child to show an interest in events that have happened in your own life while at the beach.
    • Try bringing in pictures of magazine cut outs of various beaches, or beach related items – and have fun creating your own “perfect” beach oasis!
… The possibilities are endless!!! Have fun bringing the beach to your own playroom!

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