A Special Message To You From Bears About Volunteers!

Dear Son-Rise Program Moms & Dads,
Please read and share with your volunteers – this will inspire and reaffirm how working with your child with autism will also be life-changing for them!!!
Love, Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman, Son-Rise Program Co-Creator)

THIS IS A SUPER SPECIAL EMAIL from LauRha who worked as a volunteer in the very first Son-Rise Program with Raun and then the second Son-Rise Program with Robertito.  You can read about her in my books, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and also lots about her in A Miracle to Believe In. She is the passionate young woman who played a mean Saxophone – who not only was a key member of our team but became a beloved friend…and that friendship has lasted over 40 years (we met her when she was 16 years old).  But what knocks me out about this email is how she still references, uses and treasures what she learned doing the very first Son-Rise Program.

Love, Bears Barry Neil Kaufman (Co-Founder, Son-Rise Program/Option Institute/Autism Treatment Center of America.

PS: Please feel free to share and respond if you’d like.  More love and smiles.

From: LauRha To: Bears Kaufman; Samahria Kaufman

Subject: Responding to one minute video of Bryn

Bryn is so beautiful and gracious… her hands look like little dancers. She speaks so mellifluously, and her brow has so much empathy…Please hug her for me.  I will most defiantly share this video.  I love the line”Build a rapport first, teach second".

All these years teaching, I learned that idea from you guys… I always listen and ask questions like a curious child… Then the student exposes to me how I can reach them easily and with what fun path we can travel together… There are so many routes to the same place!  Thanks for all the help when I was young and for sharing these truths with me at such a young age.  I was very lucky. It surely changed my life.  So glad I got to play with Raun during his Son-Rise Program.  He really taught me that the little tiny things are always there as wonderful gifts…and unconditional love…..I Love life!  

Love you lots  Rha Rha


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