Be a force of positivity for your child!

Be a force of positivity for your child!
Here are 3 quick tips on how to feel more positive each day with your child 
and jump start your own positivity.

1. Let GRATITUDE be your GUIDE! 
When things seem challenging for us, often times we can feel as if we are in a tunnel without a light at the end. One of the most powerful tools in helping us change our outlook on life and find a new light to guide our way through challenging times is FOCUSING ON WHAT WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR

Start each morning off by finding something you are grateful for, and remind yourself of this throughout the day. When life seems out of balance, finding one thing you are grateful for will help you create a more positive outlook on life. Grow your gratitude bigger each day by finding something new to be grateful for, and the light of positivity within you will grow. 


2. PRESS RESTART by finding the purpose and meaning in everyday challenges. 
When something challenging in your life comes up, press the restart button by PAUSING and asking yourself:

In what way is this perfect for me?  
What is the lesson I can learn from this?  
What purpose may this have for me?

Maybe, it’s to help you slow down… maybe it’s to help you listen more deeply, maybe the purpose of a challenging time is to help you become a stronger version of yourself. Whatever your purpose, take a moment to pause and look for it and press the restart button on your positivity. 


3. Pause and CELEBRATE yourself. 
All too often, we can feel that life is just happening to us, somehow we just happen to make it through another day to wake up and start all over again. Throughout this we often lose sight of the amazing way in which we show up each and every day!  We don’t tend to celebrate ourselves for the day in and day out accomplishments of our lives- doing another load of laundry, cooking dinner, going to work, waking up, wiping up pee on the floor, running a Son-Rise Program®

There are so many things that we do each day that are amazing, and wonderful, and loving acts toward our children and families. To jump start your positivity, take a moment… PAUSE… and celebrate yourself for something amazing you just did! Take charge of your own positivity by celebrating YOU! 

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