Eye Contact

FROM BECKY: Here at The Son-Rise Program, one of the main things we focus on is helping our children to look at us more.

Here are 20 different things you can say when celebrating your child with autism’s eye contact.

1) Thank you for looking at me!

2) That was a great look!

3) I love those eyes so much!

4) I saw that beautiful look!

5) Lovely looking!

6) I love the way you are you are looking at me!

7) Wow, such gorgeous eyes!

8) You have the sweetest looks!

9) Amazing looking!

10) That was just the best look ever!

11) Fantastic looking at me!

12) That was another great look!

13) You are so good, looking at me!

14) Woohoo…….I love it when you look!

16) There’s those eyes again!

17) I am so lucky to get these wonderful looks!

18) Those looks keep coming and they are fabulous!

19) I really appreciate your looks!

20) I see your eyes……I love it!

And the list goes on! Keeping your eye contact celebrations fresh and new will keep things interesting for both you and your child.

Have fun!

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