Budget Games!

“I was recently asked by a parent for easy ideas for props/themes and games to play in a Son-Rise Program playroom that doesn’t break the bank and are convenient for people living in areas where there isn’t easy access to places to get fun props and materials (e.g. dollar store, thrift store, etc.)

“Here are four simple ideas:

“1) A Cardboard Box/Laundry Basket! If your child likes rides, pretend it’s a spaceship and travel to the moon! If your child is motivated for songs, imagine it’s a boat and sing ‘Row Your Boat’ when your child sits in it. If your child enjoys vibrations, it could be a special, fun washing machine with different ‘shake’ cycles. Press pretend buttons to activate each cycle as you invite your child in.

“2) A Bucket! If your child enjoys music, bang it like a drum. If your child likes slapstick humor, put it over your head and pretend to bump into things, because you can’t see where you are going. If your child likes to watch things fall, fill them with stuffed animals or packing peanuts and then make the items fall from it. Pretend it’s raining cats and dogs or it’s snowing in the playroom.

“3) A Balloon! If your child loves anticipation, blow it up slowly, bigger…bigger…bigger and then let it go crazy – flying around the room. If your child has a competitive personality, see how long you can both keep the balloon up in the air without using your hands. If your child is motivated by pictures or letters, draw a picture or a letter on the deflated balloon so your child can see the image getting bigger as you blow it up.

“4) A Paper Towel Tube. If your child likes animal noises, pretend to go around the room looking for endangered creatures in the jungle! Imagine it’s a telescope and make fun animals sounds for them. If your child enjoys physical sensations, gently blow through the tube onto their neck or arm. If your child loves whispers, whisper softly in their ear through the tube.

“Post you own ideas using these props in the comments below!”

Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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