Focus on Fun First!

A few reasons why The Son-Rise Program® focuses on fun first!

  1. Your child wants to have fun just like other children do! Children on the Autism spectrum may need to take care of themselves and their bodies first, but they will always show you when they are ready to play!
  2. When you act silly and prioritize having fun, you send a message that your relationship and friendship is more important than anything else.
  3. Focusing on playing first, without asking anything of your child, will create the space for you to become a detective for what they love. You discover a new motivation if they smile, giggle, or laugh at what you just did!
  4. When your child is highly motivated during interactions, they are more likely to respond to your requests during games. This is great news, because when you prioritize playing, you are creating more opportunities to help them with important social skills!
  5. We want to nurture a desire within our children to play because they WANT to, and not because they have been told to. If you play with no expectations, and joy in your heart, you allow your child more chances to know what friendship actually feels like!

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