Determining if your child is ready for play

Help With Determining If Your Child Is Ready To Play:

In The Son-Rise Program® we talk about Green Lights and Red Lights. If your child is giving you Red Lights they are indicating to you that they are not ready to play, or interact yet. Green Lights are when your child is indicating that they are ready to interact, or play with you.

Here are a few common green lights:

  • Your child looks at you.
  • Your child talks, or makes a sound.
  • Your child comes over to you, and makes physical contact.
  • Your child brings a game or toy over to you.

Here a few common red lights:

  • Your child has excluded you from what they are doing.
  • Your child continues to move away from you, or keeps turning their back to you.
  • Your child appears to be more rigid and controlling.
  • Your child’s attention is not on you and instead on their own rigid and repetitious activity. An example of this could be a child lining up animal figurines over and over again on their own.

One important tip that will help you determine if your child is ready to interact, or play:

  • If your child gives you a green light, get up, take an ACTION, and then ASSESS where your child’s attention goes! Keep going! If your child’s attention stays on you as you do your best sneezing monkey impression, then you are in a game!

For more on Red Lights and Green Lights: 


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