Three Ways to Help You Feel Energized and Excited When Helping Your Child!

Countless families have asked me over the years how I remain so energetic when helping children on the Autism spectrum. I’ve heard variations of:

“How do you do it?”

“How many cups of coffee do you need to drink in the morning?”

“Are you really this energetic every single week?”

“How do you keep having fun and smiling for so long?”

You may be asking yourself some version of this question too! If so, here are a few tips that have helped me stay inspired and energetic for 10 years while using The Son-Rise Program®!

  1. I always allow myself to feel hopeful! Before I turn the door knob and walk into the playroom, I already feel a rush of enthusiasm. This is because I know that nothing but possibilities await us! I believe in our children, and I am always excited for what each new day will bring. This is because I believe that every child has the capacity to grow and learn. Allowing yourselves to feel hopeful is one way to get excited!
  2. I want to be a source of motivation and belief! At times, we may believe in our children more than they believe in themselves. Because of that, I want my smile to be a reminder that they are loved, I want my laugh to be a reminder that they are my friend, and I want my excitement to be a reminder that they are capable of ANYTHING! Wanting children to experience this level of belief in themselves is more energizing than any cup of coffee!
  3. I want the children to know what it feels like to have a friend! Many children don’t know what it’s like to create meaningful friendships. This too, fuels my excitement and enthusiasm! I want our friendship to be undeniable and obvious to them! This want and desire is one more way that I keep my energy up!

-Brandi Davis, Senior Child Facilitator

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