Be a friend to a child with autism!

By Brandi Davis, Senior Son-Rise Program® Child Facilitator

I had a father ask me recently, “Where do you get all of your energy from? Do you drink Red Bull? Do you drink lots of coffee? How do you keep your energy up for so long?”

Now, this dedicated and sweet father just watched our team of Child Facilitator’s play with his 5-year-old son for 5 days. This was during his families Son-Rise Program® Intensive. On their last day here with us, he shared that he and his wife had never seen their son so happy. He spoke these words with tears in his eyes and with such sincerity and gratitude. However, his question remained! How do you do it? How do you keep your energy and joy up for so long? I would love to share my answer with all of you too!

I want our children to know what it is like to be in the presence of a true friend. That want and desire fuels my energy and my joy all of the time! It fuels my excitement and it dictates every choice that I make when I am playing with our amazing children! Before I walk through that door, even when I am meeting a child for the first time, I tell myself, “Let’s show this child how wonderful they are, and that they’ve just made a new friend!”

So, ask yourself today, before you walk in to play with your child, how many ways can I demonstrate what friendship is all about? No matter what is happening, make nurturing your relationship and friendship the number one priority!

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