Helping Your Neurotypical Child Love Their Special Sibling!

How can we help our neurotypical children understand and love their special siblings?

Being the sibling of a child with Autism could be a challenge or a blessing – It depends on what we teach to our neurotypical children!

Our neurotypical children are sponges. They are constantly learning from us. Let’s become aware of what we think and tell our neurotypical children about their siblings with Autism, and let’s inspire them to see their sibling as a gift and a blessing!

We often see that when parents run a Son-Rise Program for their children with Autism, their neurotypical siblings are very quick to embrace the principles of the program. We see the neurotypical sibling becoming more accepting, loving, and celebratory of their special brother or sister.

Here are some ideas that we could talk about with our neurotypical children, to inspire them to appreciate their special sibling:

  • A sibling with Autism is unique and fun like no other child. We are blessed to have him/her in our lives.
  • Children with Autism are doing their best with the challenges they have! Being around people can be very hard for them. Autistic behaviors are not weird behaviors; they are just ways in which our children take care of themselves when they feel challenged.
  • Having a sibling with Autism in our lives is a great opportunity for us to learn about compassion and the importance of helping others.
  • When we learn to help others, we become better at helping ourselves. We learn not to be defeated by life’s challenges but instead to persevere and grow from that experience. We learn not to take things in life for granted. This approach to life is hugely helpful for all of us.

Have fun talking to your neurotypical children about this!

By: Camila Titone, Son-Rise Program Senior Teacher

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