The Son-Rise Program® is Doctor Recommended!

“I am a physician who treats thousands of children & adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and I have seen Raun K. Kaufman and The Son-Rise Program in action both for my own son and for countless others. The Program is sensible and useful for affected persons with ASD’s of all ages, and I refer patients to The Son-Rise Program frequently. The results have been scientifically validated and are excellent both for the family and the patient, and I’ve seen the objective improvements in my patients with my own eyes.”

-Phillip C. DeMio, M.D., Executive Director: American Medical Autism Board, Chief Medical Officer: U.S. Autism and Asperger’s Association, Ohio

“Long before medical science understood that the brain is fluid and can be changed, The Son-Rise Program was treating children and adults with autism using this principle to guide them. Our children are not “stuck” with neurological problems. Autism is not hard-wired. I know this as fact, for my own son fully recovered from autism to become the president of his 6th grade class today (in a regular, mainstream school) thanks to my family’s adoption of The Son-Rise Program.  As a medical professional, I know that medicine today offers little to these children other than a dismal prognosis.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Not only do many children completely recover using this program, but whole families change and grow and thrive.”

Wendy Edwards, M.D., Pediatrician, B.Sc.N., F.R.C. P. (C)., Canada

 “Given my extensive medical training and educational background, prior to attending The Son-Rise Program Course, I believed I knew a lot about Autism and the ‘management’ of it. However, since attending the program, my world has changed. The Son-Rise Program has changed my views, attitudes and approach, not just with how I relate to my special child, but also how I relate to my other children, my wife, and as a professional to my patients and their families.”

– Pradeep Pasupuleti, M.D., Scotland

“As a physician working with the developmentally disabled, I urge educators and health-care providers to applaud and incorporate the Kaufmans’ methods.”

–Patricia Weber, M.D., Fircrest Habilitation Center, Seattle, Washington

“The Son-Rise Program Start-Up is the best thing that I have done for my son. I will be able to help him as I help myself in this journey of life. I now understand the meaning of love, patience and perseverance.”

-Abigail Dhliwayo, MD; CDC, Zimbabwe

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