Why hope is essential for your child’s future growth!

Why hope is essential for your child’s future growth!

In the world of Autism today, there is a great focus on what our children are not doing and on all their challenges. Think of all the IEPs, teacher’s and doctor’s reports, letters sent home etc. There is rarely a celebration for who our children are and for what they are doing! This can lead parents to feeling sad, guilty, disappointed and over-whelmed. And for our children, the feeling that they are not doing well or that there is something wrong with them.

Don’t let others define what’s possible or not for your child! Your child’s future has not yet been written, and the more you believe in him/her, the more you will create opportunities for future growth.  This hope is essential to your child’s development!

Think of today as a new beginning for you, your child, and your whole family. Allow yourself to have a fresh start, and try for a moment (and then maybe for the rest of the day today) to let go of your feelings of disappointment, guilt, anger, sadness, etc. Allow yourself to have hope again! (Even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now).

Just this “simple” step of allowing yourself to be hopeful and feeling relaxed will make a huge difference. In The Son-Rise Program®, we have seen thousands of children learn and grow no matter their diagnosis or age (even adults)!

ACTION YOU CAN TAKE TODAY: Start looking for ways that you can appreciate yourself and your child, and say it out loud to your child.  Yes we are serious!  Just this simple action can shift things for your whole family!

By: Camila Titone, Son-Rise Program Senior Teacher

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