Handling Criticism From Others

There is no shortage of opinions, from other parents, teachers, family members, doctors, therapists, the person behind you in line at the grocery store.

So what can you do when others say unkind or judgmental things about your child or parenting?

You can tell yourself:
• Other people’s criticism about me or my child is about them, and nothing about me or my child. This is about their own discomfort or lack of knowledge of the situation.
• I am doing the best that I can! My child’s Autism is not a reflection on me or my parenting.
• I don’t need to do anything when people talk to me in an unkind way. I can just let go and not let it affect me. I don’t have to argue with them. There are better things for me to put my energy into, for example, helping my child!
• My love and positive beliefs about my child are stronger than any criticism or judgement from others. Love and kindness speak louder than judgments.
• I will seek the help and company of people who are kind, gentle, and loving, and focus more on those relationships instead.
• I can always fill myself with self-love and be my own best friend. Others will follow!

We here at the Autism Treatment Center of America® are cheering you on, and we know what a fabulous wonderful parent and human being you are!!!

By Camila Titone, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

2 Responses

  1. Corroy Monique says:

    Thank you to writte this. It’s very great and very helpfull to me.
    – Although , I’ve a question: I’m still wondering what to say to young childrens who are laughing at my adult son, or just looking at him questonning,… Even more difficult when they are in a group. I know it’s an opportunity for me to say the right thing ( to help them in opening their mind,and accept the différence) but I’fail each time… what could I say ? knowing that I’ll have very short time to have the right few words to present autism to them…. (But maybe to have the right attitude, as you described up with adults is all the way…?

    • Autism Treatment Center of America says:

      Hi Monique, thank you for your question and our sincerest apologies for not getting back to you sooner! There is nothing you have to say to others and, yes, if you maintain a positive, non-judgmental and loving attitude, it won’t matter what others say and do.

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