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The Son-Rise Program® Is Helpful For Your Child No Matter How Old They Are!

We recently had the privilege of working with a teenager in our playroom a few weeks ago. He was 18-years-old, very active, and during his Red Lights he loved to sing. He would clutch his hands together, sing into his imaginary microphone, and joyfully jump up and down while doing so. We joined our new friend for hours at a time as he did this. In fact, before coming to our playroom, he would fill his family’s home with jumping and singing throughout the day. Music was one of his newest passions, and it would become our doorway into creating a friendship with him!

On Monday, he did not talk to our team of Child Facilitator’s very much, and he gave us Red Lights for much of the day. He sang, he jumped, and at times, he scripted lines from movies. On Tuesday, he continued to give us Red Lights, so we kept joining his scripting, his singing, and his jumping with heart and joy! We trusted what he wanted and needed to do.

Then, on Wednesday, his parents and our team began seeing many changes. He was now giving us many more Green Lights. We read him poetry, we sang songs about him, we danced together and we were able to sing to him while he sat quietly and listened with a smile. We were seeing a very different young man and so were his parents!

His mother and father never saw their son so calm, or appear so relaxed before. They watched him sitting still with his legs crossed as he quietly and enthusiastically watched his new friends entertain him. Mom also said, with tears in her eyes, that she had never seen her son smile so much in his entire life. They were absolutely grateful to observe how much he had grown in just 5 days and so were we!

Never give up and do not hesitate to go into the playroom with your older children! Your child is never too old to be in a room with loving, fun, and supportive friends who want everything for them!

By Brandi Davis, Senior Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

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  1. Kate King says:

    My son is 24 years old and he is still the most relaxed and happy when we are working in the focus room . Yesterday my cousins dropped by unexpectedly and he ran to the door and said “ please do come in!” He was so loving and attentive and genuinely welcoming to them. They were full of praise for how much he continues to amaze them every time they see him. I know he is the way he is because of the son-rise program.

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