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“In my practice of psychiatry in a teaching hospital over several decades, I have never been introduced to a set of clinical principles as powerful, elegant and effective as those of The Son-Rise Program. By joining children in their world, practitioners of The Son-Rise Program endeavor to eliminate the sense of isolation so often experienced by children on the autism spectrum. The outcomes are truly stunning: Children make concrete and sweeping progress, often far outstripping their original prognosis, and parents overcome feelings of devastation, and learn to accept, enjoy, and meaningfully help their children.”

-Ted McCarthy, M.D., Chief of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital, Maine

“As a physician trained in pediatrics and adult medicine, I have felt utterly hopeless in my quest to help my own son. My profession generally offers little that is effective in traditional medicine. I took my son to see many doctors and he has received many hours of ABA, Speech, PT, Aquatic, Music, hypnotherapy and other therapies. I am sure that he received some particular benefit from these therapies, but nothing substantial. The Son-Rise Program Start-Up was the first time that I learned that my relationship with my son is the foundation to his recovery. He is reachable, he can be helped. We will have a new journey and a new world. My attitude and life have changed forever.”

-Audrey Powell, M.D, Pediatric Physician, Texas

 “[The Son-Rise Program] continues to establish the fact that yesterday’s miracles are becoming the science of today. But this new science is not a cold, bleak, objective methodology.  Rather, it is the science of love, compassion, and insight which will transform the world.

-Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author, Quantum Healing (and many other books)

“Contrary to what I thought, [The Son-Rise Program] is not in contradiction to my views as a physician, but rather it is the missing tool, the missing jigsaw puzzle that will make my knowledge more meaningful…”

-Jude Verzosa, M.D., Washington

The Son-Rise Program Start-Up was a revolution for me. It was like a tornado struck through my sets of beliefs and scattered them away. After that, I was a blank slate from which to start working. The program was inspirational, full of new ideas against conventional wisdom. I could not be happier with my decision to attend this program. Above all the teaching of love, acceptance, calm, enthusiasm in my opinion is the way forward. I would not hesitate to recommend the Son-Rise Program to anyone.”

-Edwin Achu, Physician, M.D., North Carolina

“As a Distinguished Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Neurology at Northwestern University and a leading researcher in the brain and language processing, I strongly endorse the Son-Rise Program. The program, shown to greatly improve the communication and social skills of children and adults on the autism spectrum, uses a unique and rich set of treatment procedures grounded in scientific principles. Recent experimental research examining the short-term and long-term effects of this method, in which I participated, attests to its efficacy. Indeed, if I had a child with autism, this is absolutely the program I’d select to help him/her.”

-Cynthia K. Thompson, Ph.D., Leading Researcher, Distinguished Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Neurology, Northwestern University, Illinois

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