Spring Time Games

It’s Spring Time at the Autism Treatment Center of America®

Here are some game ideas you can use to have fun with your child:

Game # 1: Butterfly Tickles
Get a colorful scarf or a colorful piece of fabric.
Drape it over your back and shoulders.
Pretend to be a butterfly as you flap your “wings” and “fly” around the room.
Offer your child some fun and soft butterfly- tickles with your special “wings”.
Later you can also pretend to be a bird as you chirp, fly and deliver special bird kisses to your child.

Game # 2: Bugs Collection
Either print out pictures of different bugs from the internet or use some type of pretend bugs (e.g. plastic toys).
Write down different fun facts about each of the bugs on different index cards.
Hide the pretend bugs around your playroom before your child comes in.
Once you have a Green-light (when your child pays attention to you), tell your child that some pretend bugs have “invaded” the playroom and together you can look for them.
After finding the bugs, read each one of the facts to your child.
You can add some other fun props if you have them at your house. For example, use magnifying glasses to search for bugs, special containers to put them in, use some pretend food to feed to the bugs, etc.

Game # 3: Let’s plant!
Gather as many of the following items as possible: 2 small pots or plastic containers, some dirt, a few seeds, a watering can, some gardening gloves and, a small notebook.
When you have a Green-light (your child pays attention to you), show him/her how much fun it is to plant.
Take turns with your child doing each step of planting a seed.

Game # 4: Spring Time News! Become News Editors of a fun Newspaper!
Print Spring themed images from the Internet (for example, pictures of tulips, daffodils, vegetables, frogs, caterpillars, birds, bears, soccer, Frisbee, hikers, etc).
You will also need a stack of blank paper.
Together with your child, pick the pictures you would like to use for this activity.
Glue those pictures on different pieces of paper, leaving plenty of room to write your articles.
Then, write the “Spring News” articles together. This could be comical, absurd, factual or serious, depending on your child’s interest. Here is an idea: “This Spring our area has been invaded by a very rare and funny looking type of caterpillar, named cecropia!…”
Feel free to add some drawings too.

You can use any of these ideas as inspiration for other games too.
The possibilities are endless!!!

Have the most fun as you play with your precious child!

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