Feeling Energized with the 3 E’s

“In The Son-Rise Program, we use the wonderful technique of using the 3 E’s (Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm) when we are with our children on the Autism Spectrum. The reason we want to use the 3 E’s is that when are energetic, excited, and enthusiastic we become a beacon of light and passion for our children (who have a challenge connecting and relating to people) to see. It makes us interesting and fun to look at and be with when we are helping our children interact. Often when we are working with parents and caregivers, they report to us that they are sometimes exhausted (from little sleep) and find it difficult to muster up what it takes to use the 3 E’s in The Son-Rise Program playroom. This is totally understandable…YAWN! When they are tired, they don’t know where to start with the 3 E’s. Well here’s the thing, if you are having a day where you feel low energy, implementing the 3 E’s, even in the smallest of ways can actually give you more energy. You may have experienced this when you are feeling low energy, and you have gone for a walk, or done some physical exercise and you are feeling tired. This can feel revitalizing and refreshing and gives you a pep in your step. Next time you want to practice this, start with focusing on generating a feeling inside of yourself of sincere delight, perhaps think of something you love about your child and let that love fill you up. Then let go of any judgments you are holding about being tired. Next, add one small step to animate yourself that you weren’t doing before. This could simply be using your voice in a different way, moving your body in a new way, or pulling a funny face. The more you take these little steps to implement the 3 E’s, the easier it will become, and before you know it, you’ll be craving that playroom time to give you more energy. In short, the more 3 E’s you express, the more 3 E’s you will feel.”

Written by Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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