Wacky Races Game

“Here’s a fun game idea you can play in The Son-Rise Program® playroom. You will hold a ‘Wacky Races’ event with your child. This game uses simple props and includes lots of slapstick humor. It also encourages your child to lengthen their Interactive Attention Span.
“What You’ll need:
• Tape
• 2 spoons
• 2 plastic eggs, or Ping Pong balls
• 2 pillowcases
• 2 scarves
• 2 straws
• 2 cotton balls
• A Poster Board with the following list written in large writing on it:
1) Egg and Spoon Race
2) Backwards Race
3) Sack Race
4) Cotton Ball Race
5) Blindfolded Race
6) Hopping Race
7) Walking Race
8) Singing Race
• A whole bunch of fun and laughter
“How to play:
• Put all the items listed above in a bag. Bring the bag, along with the Poster Board into the playroom and tape the Poster Board to the wall.
• When your child is in a Green Light (making eye contact, showing an interest in you, talking to you,) use your Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm to announce to your child that you are going to hold a ‘Wacky Race’ event, where you will participate in silly, goofy races together.
• Announce the first race on the list (e.g. ‘Ladies and Gentleman… The first Wacky Race Event is… An Egg and Spoon Race. Entertain your child by putting the egg (or Ping Pong ball) onto one of the spoons and attempting to run as fast as you can from one side of the playroom to the other.
• Invite your child to participate with you by handing them an egg on a spoon and running together across the room.
• Repeat these steps with each event on the Poster Board, demonstrating each race for your child if need be. In the Backwards Race, you will run backwards across the room. In the Sack Race, you will put your feet in the pillowcase and jump across the room. In the Cotton Ball Race, you will try to blow a cotton ball across the room with a straw. In the Blindfolded Race, you will tie the scarf around your head, covering your eyes and run across the room. In the Hopping Race, you will hop across the room. In the Walking Race, you’ll walk as fast as you can across the room. In the Singing Race, you’ll sing your favorite song while running across the room.
• If your child doesn’t participate with you, but is still in a Green Light, have fun Entertaining them with each race and have some stuffed animals or puppets participate in the races with you. Continue to invite your child to participate with you throughout the game.”
Written by Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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