Hello, 2022!

“New Year is a momentous event for everyone … as the first day of the year it signifies fresh inspiration, a new start and a time to refresh all that is important to us. The world as a whole engages in the excitement and inspiration of new beginnings!

“With the collective wave of inspiration and celebration that this time brings, most of us will strive to make resolutions to better ourselves as well as our lives. Our message to you, today, tunes into this time of celebration, inspiration, and new beginnings, to support your goals for your Son-Rise Program journey.

“Whether you are just beginning your journey or are well-grounded in your Son-Rise Program lifestyle, let’s spotlight a system you already have available to provide your journey with its very own GPS (Global Positioning System) system: The Son-Rise Program® Developmental Model!

“The Son-Rise Program® Developmental Model is the ideal way to set (or revitalize) your goals. Why?

“Goal Setting benefits your program by:
• Creating direction. Clarifying your goals enables you to set a direction for your future. Just as you wouldn’t start driving your car without knowing the destination you wanted to arrive at, knowing our destination helps us to choose the quickest route to get there.
• Clearer Focus on what is important. When you set your priorities, you can focus your attention on the things that align with your goals. Using The Son-Rise Program® Developmental Model to choose specific Program Goals is like deciding our destination before we get in the car: it helps us to focus on where we want to go, and that – in turn – helps our children grow!
• Clarity in Decision Making. Knowing clearly, what we want to work on, we are more effective in helping our children to accomplish that Goal.
• Providing clear evaluations of your child’s progress.
• Promoting inspiration, motivation and consistent opportunities for celebration.
• Setting goals helps us to grow our effectiveness in helping our children to grow. As they learn new social skills, so do we learn new techniques to sustain their momentum of growth.

“In The Son-Rise Program®, we want to help our children to accomplish specific social goals, to be able to help them make friends and to succeed in their lives. In order to do this, we want to have a clear idea of which skills will be most useful.

“Here’s how:
• Use The Son-Rise Program® Developmental Model to plot and really understand where your child is socially – know where you are!
• Then set optimum goals for your child in each of the 4 Fundamentals of Socialization… to point you in a clear direction for the immediate next step.

“Important reminder: track your child’s progress and check regularly what’s working/what isn’t or what may need to be adjusted. In the end, you can’t manage what you don’t measure and you can’t improve upon something that you don’t clearly manage. Setting goals can help you do all of that and more.

“In the spirit of celebrating this time of the New Year, we wish you the inspiration of ‘new beginnings’, and the excitement for the next new leg of your Son-Rise Program journey!”

Written by Suzanne Pruss, Son-Rise Program Teacher

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