What Son-Rise Program Perspective Can We Use To Make ALL Of Our Relationships EASIER?!

“Nobody said relationships were easy, right? Moreover, nobody said that our lives were going to be easy, right? Such as, COVID-19 and all of its repercussions currently influencing our circumstances, our welfare, and the ones we love…

“Some things are happening outside of ourselves that we can have an impact on but we cannot necessarily change. We’re not in charge of changing the virus (we need a lot of other people to help us with that). We’re not in charge of changing whether our income stays steady or not…but we ARE in charge of a major part of any and all relationships and that’s OUR part in those relationships.

“As someone who has been using The Son-Rise Program® with your child (or loved one) on the Autism Spectrum, you already have a leg up!

“Think about … all the ways you have let go of judgments … deepened your excitement and enthusiasm just for being in the same room with your child…expanded your creativity and curiosity for activities outside your comfort zone…trusted yourself…trusted your child even when you didn’t understand why they did what they did…your love of connection without expectations!

“You have done all this and more to help your child take their relationship skills to the next level, or even to learn to be interested and motivated to want relationships.

“What if nothing compares to how magnificent each of your relationships in your life could be right now?

“What is one way you have brought more love, ease, or acceptance to the other relationships in your life because of what you have learned to apply in your Son-Rise Program Playroom?

“Congratulations! We would love to hear about this! Post a comment below with your experience.”

Written by Suzanne Pruss, Son-Rise Program Teacher

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