Either DO WHAT YOU LOVE (if you can) or choose to LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

“If you ‘choose’ (and that is the important word) to wear a mask to protect yourself and others, then do it with joy, celebration, and gratitude. Let’s go to that word ‘choose.’ Some situations (actually, many) are thrust into our lives…unexpectedly and, often, without an invitation (like the Coronavirus pandemic). However, how we choose (ah, that word again) to respond is on us. Wear a mask? Don’t wear a mask? Choice. Those cute faces (partially masked) in that photo is me, Bears, and my best, most treasured lifelong friend partner, and lover, Samahria. We have looked like this often throughout the last two years. It’s a new look for us – and probably for everyone who chooses to wear a mask in response to the pandemic.

“Here is the kicker! It’s no different than when we might have been surprised in our lives when we realized we had a child on the Autism Spectrum. In The Son-Rise Program, we taught you how to turn what might have been fears and sadness into acceptance and then joy and increase expressions of love for what we never anticipated…but is now happening in our lives. Covid-19 has some similarities. We didn’t invite it into our lives. And it did, for the most part, change many aspects of living that we could either fight or embrace. So the mask is a symbol. Fight it or embrace it. Hate it or love it. We always have that choice. Some folks might reasonably complain regarding the pandemic …’it’s hard,’ ‘I am tired of this” or ‘when will things return to normal.” First, normal is out-the-window…now and maybe forever (the world is now different than the world we once knew two years ago). Plus who wants ‘normal’ verses ‘new and improved and better than ever.’

“However, for now, right now, Samahria and I have a unique suggestion. LOVE THE MASK. LOVE THAT WE CAN CHOOSE TO WEAR IT IF WE HAVE MADE THAT CHOICE. And if we do what we love and love what we do…pop/shazam – happiness will follow. That’s the way it works. Love and happiness are two sides of the same coin.

“Try it. Love the mask. Love (and appreciate) that you are alive and can choose to wear it if you want. This post/communication is not about political issues…this post/communication is about love (and respecting and celebrating ourselves as we go about our lives). Just like loving our child and the journey with Autism – not making Autism the enemy but our friend.

“You can do it. When Samahria and I look at that photo with our masks (and we have decades of so many other photos climbing the Swiss Alps, navigating the canals in Venice, cross lush mountain meadow, and working with countless families and children), we actually have decided to love and treasure this photo as much as we do all the others.”

With smiles, gratitude, and love, Bears & Samahria

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