Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm – Why it Matters!

“In The Son-Rise Program®, we use an incredibly simple, yet extremely powerful technique with our children on the Autism Spectrum. We call it “The 3 E’s” (Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm.)

“Using The 3 E’s has many benefits for you and your child:

1) It is a way to express to your child that you enjoy being with them.
2) It helps you stand out in your child’s distracting world, thus inviting human connection.
3) Entertaining your child with The 3 E’s lengthens their Interactive Attention Span.
4) It keeps you varied in your interactions with your child. When we offer variation and animation to our children, we become more compelling and interesting to look at.
5) It energizes you, the more you try it, the more revitalized you’ll feel.

“Next time you are with your child, try using and feeling Energy, Excitement, and Enthusiasm. You can use it with your face, your voice, and your entire body.”

Written by Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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