What to do when you feel your creativity is dried up!!!

“I had the honor of participating in Jade Hogan’s Son-Rise Program, a commitment of 5 years from start to finish! I remember at times, either as a team, or individually, we’d feel like our creativity had ‘dried up’. Maybe you have had those moments also.
“Here is what I came to learn from these experiences that were KEY: This was a time to PAUSE … yes, rather than putting my head down and pushing forward and continuing to feel lackluster about my playroom time, these moments were golden opportunities to … go deeper! That’s right, it was belief-exploring time – A key component of The Son-Rise Program!!!
“It became clear that there was always a limiting belief I was holding during the times I was feeling uncreative (blocked, stuck, uninspired, disinterested, etc.), such as, I was pressuring myself, or doubtful of my abilities to be effective, or uncomfortable if Jade wasn’t changing, or expecting things to change more quickly, etc. Understanding the beliefs causing these feelings allowed me a clear way forward to a new perspective that I could create in order to free up my joy, enthusiasm, AND creativity.
“Here are some ways you can help yourself when you are feeling this way:
1. Ask yourself questions either by journaling or out loud to yourself (I love pretending I’m on the phone so people think I’m chatting with someone rather than talking to myself!)
2. Use the questions you learned in your Son-Rise Program training to identify and clarify your limiting belief.
3. If you would rather someone else ask you questions, resource one of your Support Team Members, your spouse, or anyone you feel comfortable with … or, you can call us! Our Son-Rise Program Teachers and Mentors would love to support you in this powerful area of your attitude.
4. When you identify the self-limiting belief fueling your lack of creativity, this is your POWER moment: explore what could be a different way to perceive/think/see your situation, so you feel ‘good’ about it. Allow yourself to take time here, play with different ideas because you are doing something extraordinary: you are changing the way you think and recreating yourself! That is an amazing, inspiring thing to do for yourself and your child.
5. When you create a new perspective, celebrate yourself! This is an important practice that helps your journey in your Son-Rise Program to be fun, inspiring, and joyful for you!!
“Have fun going deeper into the fabulous YOU as you continue to grow and strengthen your attitudinal muscles in your awesome Son-Rise Program!”
– Suzanne Pruss, Son-Rise Program Teacher

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