Gain New Inspiration with Toilet Training Your Child

“Potty training our children in the Autism Spectrum can take persistence and patience, but the great news is that it is POSSIBLE!

“If you have started potty training, but feel like you have stalled, we have some Son-Rise Program tips to share that could help get you back on the path to a diaper-free existence.

“Honor Your Child Whenever They Say ‘No.’
Respecting our children’s ‘no’s’ around the toilet, helps put our children in control of their own toileting experience and inspires them to become more willing to move towards the potty. Remember that no means no now, but not forever. We want our children to feel relaxed and open to exploring the toilet, sitting on the toilet, and ultimately peeing and pooping in the toilet. Not pushing, or forcing this experience on our children, especially when they are already seeking control, is going to strengthen the bond you have with your child, and help them let go of any experiences they may be remembering to do with the toilet.

“Check-In With Your Own Attitude Around Toileting.
Sometimes we parents are far more motivated than our children to get potty training over with! This makes sense, as we’re the ones changing diapers and cleaning up accidents! However, when we have set expectations about how and when our children should learn this skill, it zaps all the joy out of the toileting experience for everyone. We want our children to see us having fun and being comfortable and easy around the toilet. Our efforts will be far more successful when we can get ourselves to a place of accepting this journey, and not attaching success within a certain timeframe. Remember that every potty-related interaction is a learning opportunity! Even the accidents!

“Try Taking a Break From Other Goals.
Potty training is an amazing adventure you are embarking on with your child! It takes focus and enthusiasm. Trying to tackle too many goals while also potty training, maybe too much for you both right now. It could be more effective to put some of your other goals on hold for now. Focus your efforts and energy on encouraging your child to move toward the toilet in fun and playful ways, especially during games your child loves.

“Use Your Child’s Motivations to Encourage the Toilet.
You know your child better than anyone in the world! Try creative, individualized ways to motivate your child to move toward the toilet. For example, if your child loves Pepa Pig, put pictures of Pepa Pig all over the toilet! If your child is interested in science, or the way things work, show them diagrams of the human digestive process or where the pee and poop go after we flush it.

Don’t forget to celebrate each and every little victory along the way. Cheering your child on for all of their interest in the toilet, and any attempts they make at using the toilet will help them feel more successful and more likely to keep trying!

“And remember, you don’t have to go it alone! Recruit members of your family to help you model all the great things that come with peeing and pooping in the potty!. If you need extra support, we’re here for you!

“Book a Private Autism Consultation with a Son-Rise Program Teacher, or attend our Toilet Trouble to Toilet Triumph E-Learning Training Course.”

Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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