Respond to Your Child’s Cues

“One extremely simple thing you can do to inspire your child to want to connect with people more often, is to respond to their cues. Our children’s cues mean – any communication, body language, or indication of their needs they could be using. When we respond to any and all cues our children give, we make ourselves easy to be with, enjoyable to connect with, and oh so useful! The reason we want to be all of these things is that our children have a challenge relating to people and tend to spend more time by themselves (in a Red Light.) If you want to spark a desire inside of your child to move towards you and see people as user-friendly and attractive…respond to their cues as often as you can in the following ways:

  • If they say a word, or make a sound – respond quickly with something they love (a toy, a snack, an action such as a song or a silly dance.)
  • If they look at something nearby they might want (their drink for example) run and grab it for them.
  • If they wipe their nose, or sneeze, fetch a tissue for them.
  • If they touch your arm, offer a warm, gentle hug.
  • If they look in your eyes, celebrate and cheer in response!
  • If they show you or tell you ‘No’ to something (e.g. push you away when you tickle them), respond quickly by immediately pausing on that tickle.

“All of these responses can be done with ease, sincerity, fun, and delight. Believe that this will help your child ultimately grow their capacity and ability to keep interacting with you, to keep moving toward you. How wonderful is that!”

Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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