Varying the Game Your Child Loves

“We want to help our children on the Autism Spectrum to find people to be fun, interesting and exciting. Why? Because socially connecting and relating to people is a big challenge. When you are in a game or activity with your amazing child, try The Son-Rise Program® technique of Varying the Game to inspire more connection and interest from your child. When we do an unexpected and silly action, it definitely increases the odds that you will get people’s attention. If you start clucking like a chicken, in the middle of dinner with your family, I am sure that all eyes will be on you! We all appreciate those sincerely silly and unexpected moments! In fact, most of us want to stick around in order to find out will happen next! The same is true for our children on the Autism spectrum!

“Try Varying the Game, as a way to help your child play with you longer! Challenge yourself to add at least 1 new silly action to the game that your child is enjoying! This is another way to inspire your son, or daughter to play longer! Here are 3 fun and silly idea’s to get you started!

• Pretend that your foot keeps getting stuck to the floor as you walk and then act surprised about it!
• Do a different animal sound effect, randomly, while reading a book! Or, even while talking! Keep your timing varied as a way to build up your child’s anticipation!
• In the middle of your singing game, keep moving your mouth, but do not make a sound! Be the silly singer who keeps randomly losing their voice!”

Written by Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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