For our Kindness Korner #2

Welcome back to the Kindness Korner!

“For our Kindness Korner #2 post, I would like to share a very special moment from my life: my dear friend, Beverly (who was a teacher at our center who practiced kindness throughout her life), shared her ultimate act of kindness when taking the final breaths of her life.

“Beverly asked her husband to tell all he knew (friends, family, and anyone who would hear her story) that her final wish was for each person to ‘be kind’ … to Beverly, always wanting the best for her loved ones, she wished for us the benefits and beauty we would receive and experience when prioritizing kindness in our lives.

“Whether you direct kindness to ourselves as we did on our first post, or towards others, acts of kindness will ALWAYS benefit you. Beverly understood that being kind to someone else meant you were first experiencing the feelings of love or care, appreciation, or compassion within yourself. Filling yourself with these thoughts and feelings will help YOU:

– Be less stressful and calmer
– Become more loving and peaceful
– Practice being more present
– Have a more meaningful purpose in your life
– Boost your immune system
– Center yourself in your love

“As an Autism parent or caregiver, these benefits of performing small acts of kindness can bring all of the above to your life busily filled with caring for others.

“Therefore, I dedicate today’s Kindness Korner post to my friend Beverly as she would be thrilled for us to shine the spotlight on her favorite action: being kind!

“Today’s kindness action: do a random act of kindness!

“Consider doing something nice and not telling anyone else. This can be a small, big, or anywhere in-between action. For example, a man in Des Moines tied a coat to a lamppost with the note, “If you’re cold, please take this coat.” Or, you could leave an anonymous “I love you” note for someone in your family.

“No matter your activity, notice how it feels when you do it … let yourself receive the benefits of your random act of kindness.

“Wishing you a kind-filled day …, please let us know what random act of Kindness you did for another!”

Suzanne Pruss, Son-Rise Program Teacher

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