Kindness Korner #6: Kindness Memes to Inspire Your Child to Spread the Love!

“Welcome to our next Autism Treatment Center Kindness Korner post!

“One of the most powerful ways to encourage our children on the Autism Spectrum to learn and grow is offering our ideas or activities with fun and playfulness.
“Fun and play is our children’s way!

“The world can be challenging for your child on the Autism Spectrum … but kindness and connecting with each other can be easy and priceless. For this week, try introducing the concept of kindness in a playful, fun way using memes.

“Here are 5 kindness memes you can share and delight in with your child on the Autism Spectrum:
1. Kindness Wins!

2. Me when I’m…

3. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. Kindness is a super power.

4. When you see someone doing something kind…I see you! Go you!

5. Kind people are my kinda people!

Suzanne Pruss, Son-Rise Program Teacher

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