“Hello, wonderful Autism parent/caregiver!
“We at the Autism Treatment Center of America know that you, as a parent/caregiver of someone on the autism spectrum, often experience situations where your child does something you do not understand. In fact, I may have just described what could be your regular, daily experience.
“Having an attitude of accepting when we do not understand our children’s behaviors is a loving and kind action not only towards your child but for you too.
“For instance, some people may think our children are ‘odd’, especially when they are doing their stimming behaviors (isms). In The Son-Rise Program, here are a few perspectives we recommend that would support your ability to accept any of your child’s behaviors, especially if you don’t understand them:
1. “We trust that our children are always doing the best that they can to help themselves… and that the ism is curative and possibly healing for them.
2. ” We accept that everything that our children do has a reason and a purpose for them…. Even if we can’t see that reason or purpose.
3. “When we accept our children’s behaviors, we create a closer bond with them. Looking at our children from this perspective, helps us eventually understand our children, and create a closer bond with them (because we are not judging/calling it ‘bad’).
“An accepting attitude especially when you do not understand your child’s behavior is a kindness to you as well!
“Here are some benefits for you whenever you choose to accept your child’s behaviors:
– “You will feel the love you have for your child.
– “The door of curiosity can open to some fun investigations as to why your child is behaving in their unique way.
– “You will have done what matters most!
– “Acceptance can bridge the gap of connection with your child when you don’t know what to do.
“Have a kind-filled day bringing acceptance into any areas you don’t understand!!”
Suzanne Pruss, Son-Rise Program Teacher

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