Five Game Ideas for Fine Motor Skills

“If your child on the autism spectrum has a challenge with their fine motor skills – here are some activities you can try to make practicing these skills fun and motivating for your child.
1) “Clothes Line Balloons! For our children who love balloons and anticipation.
“Attach a long piece of string from one side of the room to the other. Blow up a balloon, but don’t tie it off yet. Attach the inflated balloon to the string with a clothespin. Repeat this step with 8-10 balloons. Encourage your child to use their fingers to grip each clothespin and unpin each balloon, sending the balloons flying crazily across the room.
2) “Make a Play-Doh Pizza! For our children who love sensory play and pretend play.
“Pretend you run a Pizzeria and use imagination-play to order some pizzas on your pretend phone. Use playdoh to create each order. Together you and your child can roll out the pizza dough, create little pieces of shredded cheese, and slice up some pepperoni, green peppers, pineapple, or whatever else your customers ask for.
3) “Dot to Dots! For our children who love drawing and characters.
“You can find an abundance Dot-To-Dots online. Print off any character your child likes, whether it be Chase from Paw Patrol, Blippi, or Star Wars, the list is endless. Use different markers and crayons to complete the Dot to Dots together.
4) “Make a Friendship Bracelet! For our children who love crafts and beauty.
“Use a piece of string or elastic to thread colorful beads and make a special bracelet for each other (or another family member) as a gift.
5) “Create jewelry and clothes using household items! For our children that love Dress-Up and fashion.
“Be a stylist for the day, using things you already have in the house. For example, try making a necklace by threading paper clips together, or a newspaper dress, cutting patterns out with scissors, and attaching it together with tape. Hold a fashion show for each other in your brand-new attire.”
Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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